Thursday, February 15, 2007

Music Magic

Good thing, there's good music.

I could not imagine myself surviving all these years (and becoming a better person in the process) without it. Could you?

I could be really enthralled by it that I sometimes think that a failure to become a serious musician could possibly turn out to be one of my greatest frustrations in life considering that I have never been without the opportunities in the past. Also, I have always believed that musicians are some of the happiest and 'coolest' persons in the world.

I am not losing hope though. Who knows someday I might still end up as one. (With that, however, I could almost hear Bro. Javie Alpasa, an unforgettable Jesuit who stayed at Ateneo de Naga for two years, quipping, " Dream on", with that conspicuously funny signature 'one-two punch' of a teasing tone and a poker face of his! =>)

Otherwise, I will just keep on listening; basking in its eternal pleasant warmth and being grateful of it forever for its beauty, wisdom and fecundity. Not to mention the love, peace, hope and the hundred-and-one other magical things it brings along with it that make my spirit soar and set my heart on fire!

Yes, magical.

Music does enchant.

it enraptures;

it empowers;

it nurtures;

it heals;

and it never fails.

So who could ever blame me if I could not simply cease to BELIEVE?