Sunday, April 27, 2008

Old, Rusty Ford in an Ultra Modern World

The other day, I passed by a very old Ford car on display in one of the malls and marveled at the glorious 'oldness' of the thing. I have always been attracted to the old ways and the old times; and I am not even sure why. And so for some moments there, I wondered how people felt driving such a car, and in general, in living the 'old ways'. The world must have been so simple and quaint then, in contrast to the very modern world that we have now. A modern world that never fails to amaze and at the same time, scare me. Until where can this world go on in terms of modernization, I can't think of the limits except for those that concern our very own survival and those who will come after us. Global warming, deadlier weapons at man's disposal, loss of values and traditions - these are some of the problems brought about by unrestricted development that lacks foresight and breds quenstionable sense of responsibility.

On the one hand, progress, even the one just identified, is certainly not unscrupulous - and I am in no way against it considering that I also benefit from it; not to mention enjoy it. In fact, I am now happily blogging through my cellphone - an interesting new way indeed of doing a relatively old hobby! On the other hand however, it is either blameless too. And we all know this.

So, I just hope people will continue to look for ways and tools that will make life easier, but will not turn away from our great responsibilities to the only home we have and to the next generations from whom we borrowed this world. We only need, I believe, to look farther before us; ahead of us; and beyond ourselves.

Good night.