Thursday, March 13, 2008

Love these 'heavens on Earth'!

I dream of having a property of my own in any of these someday!

That is, if there are still available units/lots by the time I could already afford them! :)

For the meantime, I dream, work hard, and dream once more...

Good night.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

My 'Grand Masters"' and Patricia Evangelista's 'Gang Masters'

Read her "Gangs of Manila" here - and my "Grand Masters of Manila" here.

Let's move with caution - not everything is what it seems to be.

God bless the genuine ones though.

Good night.

"How will it end? When will he know? They're all actors working from a script, but he thinks it's real" - The Joe Schmo Show

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chess, anyone?

End-Game (Partial until there’s agreement on the number of Pawns at play)

8. While green is color of current revolution, former King arrives in red.
9. New cult Bishop (who wanted to be King in 2004) calls for transition court.
10. Star Pawn speaks (he earlier admitted cheating on his lady, but that’s beside the point. Present game is after high crimes)
11. Meanwhile, Queen holes up in Knight’s garrison
12. Queen happy that only 15,000 Pawns attend
13. Queen survives second uprising of third revolution.


More of these arresting comments on Manuel L. Quezon's blog from both sides of the fence.

By the way, we spent more than 5 hours on the road (about more than 3 hours somewhere in Bacoor Cavite) going through checkpoints and waiting for the traffic to move. This is, of course, due to the rallies staged in different parts of Manila, primarily in Makati. We just attended a 2-day developmental training in Cavite and were actually headed home when we were stuck in that terrible traffic jam. When we arrived in Makati, Ayala Avenue was already empty. Only one police car that was still blocking the entrance to Ayala Avenue on the corner of Makati Avenue and the garbage were there to remind us that something actually did happen there. For a second, I thought of environmentalists staging a rally of their own reminding people that their "search" - for truth, or power for some - does not excuse them from their own "responsibility" and "accountability" to Mother Earth which for them is one of the most basic of responsibilities of the human race. But then again, we think BIG, don't we? We think of grand things, of romantic tales, of short and sweet cuts to victory. We dream of glory days, always. Human nature, perhaps. May be not glory as in GLORIA, but glory as in HISTORIC, EMOTIONALLY SPLENDID, and FULFILLING. An hour has passed and I was already walking, looking for a place where I can find some taxi, and the street-sweepers were still cleaning the abandoned thoroughfare. As I reached a certain point, one of them accosted me. He said, "Sir sainyo po ba ito?", and he gave back something valuable to me. "Nahulog nyo po pag daan nyo sa harap ko". Ahh neat. If only he could be voted as Mayor or a Congressman or a Senator or a President, I thought. Silly, I said to myself; reminding myself where I still am and how much work is yet to be done. Weird times breed weird thoughts indeed. Ahh if only we could think like, say, the Al Gores of this world--- or the Dolphy's. Meantime, other revolutions continue to be fought gallantly somewhere with issues and objectives probably much closer to home and more real in a different light, like, hmm, surviving another chilly and dangerous night out on the cold corners of Padre Faura, Manila. Then, somewhere in the more illuminated sides of the town, some people continue to play the games of their lives. No problem with the pieces, one of them is heard saying, it will boil down to the one who will play it more wisely, or cunningly to be more blunt. The pieces move, eyes burning; hearts on fire, as the big-time players at both ends of 'the court' ask for another round of drinks, cigarette-smoking, and pastries. Chess, anyone?