Thursday, December 7, 2006

Another storm has developed just outside the Philippine area of responsibility!

According to our ever-reliable, Naga-based weatherman, Michael Padua, through his website, another storm is about to enter the Philippine area of responsibility tomorrow (Dec. 8), if not tonight. This tropical disturbance has already passed the South of Guam and has since then become active. It may hit Surigao, Samar & Bicol Region either Sunday or Monday (Dec 10 or 11) unless, perhaps, changes occur with the said system.
(See this satellite photo from the same website: Tropical Disturbance pointed by the yellow arrow)

According to another renown stormchaser, this potential typhoon was formed in the same place where Reming (International codename:Durian) did -- with the same conditions that paved the way for Reming to become a supertyphoon still there existing!

'Wag naman sana!

With the entire region still suffering from the destruction brought about by Reming, a monster storm considered by many to be the strongest typhoon to hit Bicol and the country in living memory, another typhoon would surely make matters worse for all of us here.

God help and protect us!

(Posted today: 7 December 2006)

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