Thursday, December 7, 2006

A Gathering for Solidarity and Prayer for the Victims of the Supertyphoon Reming: An Open Invitation

Here's the email I made especially for my Ateneo communities including Xavier Honor Dormitory and Gabay Scholars Organization, my organizations when I was in college (Above is the soft copy of our invitation) in connection with the 'Prayer and Solidarity Gathering' that we have organized for the victims of Supertyphoon Reming. Please feel free to make what I like to call "posts of support" for this project, for our less fortunate brothers and sisters greatly afflicted by this tragedy and even for all those who have volunteered their service in aid of the victims. However, expressed concern, empathy, and commiseration through a prayer of your own from whenever you are right now would help a lot --- doesn't matter if you are an Atenean or not. Iisang banka tayo dito. And for those who would like to help through donations and cash aid you may want to check my previous posts regarding this topic. Dios Mabalos po!

To my dearest Ateneo and Xavier Dorm community,

Greetings in Christ!

With the blessings of His Grace, Most Rev. Leonardo Z. Legaspi, Archbishop of Caceres, and the full support of the Church especially our clergy and brothers at the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary through Rev. Fr. Peter Berina, the 'artistic community' led by Mrs. Amelita Zaens, and the local government unit led by our city mayor, Hon. Jesse Robredo, we at Avenue Square pushed through with our plan of coming up with a prayer-filled gathering that aims at benefiting, uplifting and drawing all of us who were affected by the onslaught of Supertyphoon Reming more closely together. It shall also dedicate special moments to remember our less fortunate brothers and sisters who were afflicted the hardest and together as one community, be inspired and be of help to them in any we can.

Now with only a few things to make final, I am happy that such plan -- which was prompted by the all too moving sights and sounds of pains and sufferings, big and small, that we all have to endure in the aftermath of the storm -- is now about to be materialized. During these crucial moments, like when the monster storm was battering our place and its full strength was upon us and all seemed hopeless already, we, in the organizing committee, believe that our real hope and comfort rest in Him and His great love, mercy and benevolence and on our being one with Him and our ever-loving "Ina" through our heartfelt prayers and solidarity.

These having been said, I wish to invite all of you, on behalf of the men and women of Avenue Square and G7Holdings and all our partners on this project, to join us in this solemn gathering of people representing all sectors who are humbled by the calamity but emboldened and united by faith and concern for others other than ourselves.

This prayerful gathering will be on Saturday, 9 December 2006, 8:00 PM at Avenue Square ground, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City with our beloved city mayor and archbishop to give their special messages for us. It shall be a very special night of heartfelt prayers, moving images, gentle moments of solidarity, and uplifting music.

Please see attached invitation.

Thank you very much. I also hope you could pass it to other 'Ateneo communities' especially in cyberspace/on-line.

I have the greatest hope that we shall be together again and come in full force with our prayers, our love, and that great Atenean Spirit to once again brighten up this battered and darkened home of ours.

Premum Regnum Dei!


Donald "Ducks" Bercasio
Marketing Communications Officer
G7Holdings/Avenue Square
ADNU Alumnus, Development Communication 2005
Xavier Dormer (Alumnus)
GABAY alumnus and former president

For more convenient viewing and "posts of support" to this project, please visit my blog. Dios po an magbalos!=)


TIMCAP said...

There is a need to move forward, for you Donald to serve as catalyst of hope... for people to believe that despite the many trials, a great future still awaits us.

Long live the Naguenos! We will prevail!


Ducks said...

Thanks Tim! A lot of things did happen during the gathering, although the more defining one happened BEFORE. Personally, it had not been just a test of commitment and sincerity but of composure and character.

An awesome challenge (or challenger) rammed to me even before the program started. But I kept my focus and composure. It just dawned on me again that Darkness indeed strikes where people work for Goodness and for God.

But like what you said, we shall prevail and I believe I did. Like the proverbial bamboo tree that bends as the fierce wind comes, I did not break. What does not kill me, in the enemy's dismay, makes me stronger.

On the lighter side, the Prayer and Solidarity Gathering went very very well. (Will post details and pics about it soon). And I believe along with the prayers and thoughts, help will come our brethren's way.

I just hope that everyone who is working right now for the victims OR FOR ANYTHING THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD FOR THAT MATTER would stay strong and focused. A lot of things (and Beelzebub's disciples inside some persons' souls) will try to push you away from your direction.

Take courage and stay on course.

Anyway, sabi nga namin nyan dito sa amin, masuripot an Dios. Translation: God is just.

You'll see.