Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday News and Nostalgia

Alright so now, it can be told, Manny Pacquiao could not come primarily due to security reasons and the "Bangon Bicolandia Benefit Dinner with Manny Pacquiao" was subsequently canceled. Paglaom Alliance's president, Carlo Buenaflor, had already announced the news during his interview at radio station DWNX this morning.

We had a prolonged meeting last night with him who is our president, Mr. Allan Cu, our Vice President; and other stakeholders regarding this.

After a little more than a week - the time given to us - of 'going through hell', if I may put it this way, preparing everything for this event, would it boil down to this? Our principal guest, the human symbol that we chose to lead us in making a dent on the lives of our afflicted brothers and sisters, won't be here. Could this be possible? This seems so surreal.

But any rate, cliché as it may sound, but there is really a reason for everything and that every cloud has its silver lining.

I don't want to talk more about this for the meantime, because in a while, Paglaom Alliance will post its official statement here and on its website so for those interested, you may just check back later to know the real score.

On the lighter side, although I slept at 4:00 AM already awhile ago, I woke up with high spirits after a good six-hour sleep. For some reasons, I love this kind of weather - cold, dusky, and even nostalgic. Just this one, without that wicked rain and strong wind associated with storms and typhoons.

And I had some good news both about/from work and about/from home. God is really good.

Have to run though, Mr. Buenaflor is inviting me for coffee (and most probably, another meeting regarding our other event tomorrow) at his new posh restaurant, Peaberry, which can be found at the ground floor of Avenue Square, Bicol's first, only, and premier lifestyle center.

We had wine last night at the same place with DWNX Station Manager Al Ubana, and the storm-chaser himself, Mike Padua and must say, that was one nice way to cap the night with the company of such reputable, amiable, and accomplished gentlemen. Not to mention the good-natured railleries and stories of travels, explorations, comings-of-age, marketing, fine dining, and of course, with Mike around, STORMS that made it all even more interesting and engaging. It also made things lighter for me given the latest development on the project.

Now, this time, a hot, invigorating coffee would surely be great to further stir up my day.

Ducks, Carlo, Mike, and Al at Peabery Fine Dine Restaurant

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