Thursday, December 14, 2006

On December 19, Noypi Pride shall be at all-time high here in Naga! Don't miss this very rare yet gigantic moment in local history!

You have successfully made us believe that your fight is our fight, your troubles inside the ring (and perhaps even outside of it) have metaphoric connections to our own plight as a nation, and your triumphs celebrate and affirm the resiliency, courage, and greatness of the Filipino people. Your great love for our country and its people makes you an icon and champion of Pinoy pride. Indeed, you are a national treasure. And your coming over here in Naga City could be the biggest positive news and the biggest event as of late here in our locality. So, we deeply thank you Manny for inspiring us to get up every time we fall, for making us believe that dreams do come true only if we put our hearts on them and we cast our lot on God's grace and mercy, and for showing to us that we could be united after all if we only see ourselves as brethren through a shared past and stakeholders of a common destiny. Also, we deeply thank you for accepting Paglaom Alliance's invitation and for showing that you care for our fellow Bicolanos greatly afflicted by the recent calamity that struck us here. Your heart and soul really is of that of a true People's Champ. Mabuhay ka Manny! Mabuhay ang noypi!

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