Friday, December 22, 2006

Stepping Back -- for a time

I believe that at some points in my perennially busy life, I just have to step back, ease up, and take care of 'home' and my 'sanity'. For the past months, I have been so swamped by work and other issues - both professional and personal. The last few weeks were killer ones as I have been working not only for my company but also for my community groups. As I left Naga yesterday, an Ayala mission was on its way to be of service to the victims of the supertyphoon. Sad as I was that I could not join my fellow Ayala Young Leaders, I felt that I must go -- for my loved ones and for my own good and sanity. At any rate, I believe I have also done what I could possibly do to help our fellow Bicolanos -- the last one being involved with the Paglaom Alliance that was able to raise more or less 2.5 million for the victims of Reming. Upon my return, I shall once again take lead in the local project of AYLAB-U for those greatly afflicted by the recent calamity. Subsequently, I asked AJ Apuyan to lead the Bicolano AYLC alumni in my absence in the said Ayala mission to Albay.

Meantime, I am now in this beautiful city of Baguio with my loved ones enjoying the quiet moments, the breathtaking views, and the chilly climate. On the 24th, we shall be in Manila to meet up with more family members for a Christmas celebration.

Bicol is where I will spend Christmas however -- the place that I could leave for awhile but I could never replace in my heart, albeit the exhausting responsibilities and the incessant weather disturbances.

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