Thursday, January 4, 2007

I think, therefore I...

4 January 2007

I sit here now in my own secluded spot "
as the darkness of the city closes over me like canal water or the grave" and I think of a lot things. I think of the past year, and its many seasons, shades, and faces. I think of some people who, in my mind, are reduced to blurry images in the mist of my memory. I think of a few who remain clear and vivid. I think of old friends showing up then getting off. I think of new friends coming in then leaving as well. I think of myself arriving, then, well, returning home to see the rest of the world. I think of roads, sandstorms, glasses, culminations, beginnings, and more sunsets. I think of my disappointments, my anger, and my wounds. I think of my triumphs, my joys, and my dreams. Then, I think of people again -- bad, good, worst -- and of this year and what it has for all of us who travel...

Finally, I think of a place, a poem, a twenty-peso bill, a lyricist, and a black-and-white TV...

It is time.

I move.

Who knows what the dusk hides from me.

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