Friday, July 20, 2007

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Another "First" in Naga

July 20, 2007
3:35 AM

We are still working here inside the Avenue Square administration office - editing, proofreading, and trying hard not to fall asleep all at the same time. For the past three days, we have been like this. This is for the newest addition to the list of "firsts" that we have successfully introduced here in Naga City and thankfully, were embraced by our target clientèle.

A week from now, we are going to launch it, and we hope and pray that our sacrifices and efforts will eventually bear great fruits. Our "cover girls" are some of the most decorated and stylish ladies in the city and probably, in the region. (Care to guess who?)

We are very sure that you will learn a lot from them through the feature articles written about them.

On the one hand, UNLIKE the several lifestyle centers being built or about to be constructed on several areas along Magsaysay Avenue, this new "baby" of ours will NEVER be a "me-too" product. On the other hand, LIKE Avenue Square, it will be a pioneer, a purveyor, and champion of innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, visionary leadership, and an elegant, smooth, intelligent, and meaningful lifestyle.

We ask you then to travel the road to boundless possibilities with us. Meantime, I daydream of my pillows and bed, and my dreams, and wanderings...

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