Friday, July 27, 2007

Road Trip

We are all travelers on this road we call life. We may have different starting points but our journeys are all interconnected by way of this magnificent thoroughfare. Sure, there are adjoining paths and side roads that sometimes catch our fancy so we follow them; bringing us to places and experiences that forever will leave essential marks in our lives. Some of them may lead us astray. We drift and wander until some lucky stars point us back to the right direction. Some may direct us to some cold and empty spaces where we will find ourselves on our own - unsure and vulnerable. They may even introduce us to some rocky and dusty trails that could either jolt us from oblivion or leave us stuck in the middle of nowhere.

And then, we wake up or at least our spirit, muster the courage, and forge ahead -- until we find our way back to that great and winding road where some of life’s greatest lessons and pleasant surprises await to be realized.

Can we blame ourselves then if we find ourselves smiling; shaking our heads – grateful of the reassuring presence of our fellow travelers yet deep inside, almost in an utter disbelief that some of those things could actually come about?

But hey, unless we forget, this is the avenue; the great voyage of life – and anything can happen here.

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