Friday, August 31, 2007

Awesome September 2007 events at Avenue Square

It's Time - for the Standards of Richard Poon
Friday, 7 September 2007
Al Fresco area

Don't we love the standards? Don't we love to rediscover and bask, time and again, in the warmth, the eloquence, and the undying greatness of the timeless classics?

Don't we want to listen to the splendid musical works from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick, and Tony Bennett? How about some new, fresh arrangements of the other well-loved standards of Rod Stewart and Michael Bubl
é, the crooner himself?

If we do, then we will appreciate and even allow Richard Poon (pronounced P
ün) to take us to a cruise through the various eras of great music and wondrous memories - amidst the soothing ambiance of Avenue Square's al fresco dining area.

For the younger ones or souls, do not fret, because he also has a repertoire of contemporary hits, albeit arranged in an "old school" way, that delights and warms the hearts.

It's time - for the standards of Richard Poon.

Coming to you this Friday, September 7. Admission is free.

Just be there; and - of course - enjoy.

Nine Days of Penafrancia (Bob Mendoza Images)
September 7-16, 2007
Main Lobby

September, as we know, is the month of Peñafrancia festivities, a regional fiesta drawing in countless devotees from all the Bikol region as well as pilgrims from all over the country, to Our Lady of Peñafrancia, our Ina.

This September, we will also witness a one-of-kind photo exhibit dubbed as 9 Days of Peñafrancia: Bob Mendoza Images. The exhibit marks many firsts: it is the first-ever one-person photo exhibit to be held in the Bikol Region and the first-ever single-event photo exhibit on Our Lady of Peñafrancia.

9 Days of Peñafrancia: Bob Mendoza Images is a product - a certain culmination- of a 10-year coverage of Penafrancia festivities by Dr. Bob Mendoza. A practicing eye doctor in Naga City, Dr. Bob, as he is fondly called, is a native of Pasay City. He moved to Naga City in 1997 and has since then become a devotee of Our Lady. Uniquely, the doctor expresses this devotion through photography. He was, in fact, the chief photographer of the coffee-table book Ina and the Bikol People published in 2002.

Dr. Bob Mendoza has selected the 50 of his best photos for the exhibit in a range that captures the dimensions of faith and arts: from the profane to the sacred, from the human and the divine, from the festive to the solemn. Images abound in the event, including those around the novena to Ina, the Traslacion, when the Virgin is carried to the old cathedral; and the Sakay, when She is brought back to her Shrine by the river.

This photo exhibit is sponsored by Canon Philippines , Avenue Square, and organized by Ina nin Bikol Foundation.

The activity is also a fund raiser. All photos to be exhibited are for sale, with proceeds going to a fund to be used for the poverty alleviation programs of Ina nin Bikol Foundation, the foundation Dr. Bob has been supporting since 2000.

The exhibit will be formally opened on September 7 at 9AM and will run until the 16th."

-- Most of the information come from Fr. Wilmer Tria himself, Founding Chair of Ina nin Bikol Foundation and Project Director of Ina and the Bikol People: A Journey of Faith, via email to The Quackroom.

Cidade de Bossa (City of Bossa)
with Sitti Navarro

Thursday, 13 September 2007
Avenue Convention Plaza

(Full story/article coming, as we are making final all our 'surprises' for all of you, you see we just keep on adding and adding 'surprises' (like, hmm, who knows we might give away some famous signature flip flops? *winks*), as this Brazilian-inspired event also serves as our way of saying thank you to all Cidade de Bossa denizens, the part of our clientèle who are into good music, new things/concepts, theme parties, Bossa Nova, or Samba, or anything Brazilian. Meanwhile, rest assured that this one will be better, way much better, than Sitti's first stint here at Avenue Square. Prettier, bolder, lovelier, Sitti will surely caress your ears and win your hearts again for the nth time in a more special and intimate way (with new songs to boot!). Plus, things to watch for include the fine Brazilian bar chow to be prepared by our resident chef; Brazilian cocktails; the other fascinating and invigorating sounds, music, and even 'images' of Brazil; the chance to meet up with fellow 'denizens', many of whom I've known to be, by experience, really beautiful people inside and out; and other fun gimmicks to help you 'loosen up', 'mingle', 'chill', and 'indulge'. The only question is: voce faz parte disso?)

This is just an installment. More events may be made final soon and should be posted here. Please click on the pictures to see bigger versions. Stories to follow. Dios mabalos po!
Update: "Cidade de Bossa" tarp design not the final one. Will just update tomorrow. Thanks!)


Michael said...

I Love the poster Donald! COOOOOOL!!!
See you there! Btw, I already emailed this to the SITTIZEN sites.

Thank you!!!

Ducks said...

Mr. Mike "Kilks" Padua - our very own Mr. Typhoon, my very good friend, and the soon-to-be 'national celebrity' hehehe - its good for you drop by ha!? The Quackroom is honored.

Thanks! Thanks! It's a product of a wonderful collaborative effort Mike. Do you like the concept too? I hope magustuhan din ng mga tao. How many tickets will you get? Ang bilis buminta, baka maubusan ka =)

Yep, I already visited; posted a comment na nga. Mabalos Mike!

Anonymous said...

Ducks Good job on the job well done. Congrats to all staff of ave square.

Big thanks for the mention.

I'll see you on the night of sept. 13th with SITTI.

Lisam/ Autoyard