Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lights Out

If not for a quiet moment here in Manila, I would not really notice that my posts about's Janette Toral's visit in Naga and the story of Brother Richie Fernando, a perfect personification of an all-important and long-standing Jesuit philosophy, "homines pro aliis" or "men and women for others", as Ryan affirms in his comment, is already my 96th and 97th post respectively. The inextinguishable Pinoy phrase: "tingnan mo nga naman; parang kailan lang" immediately leaps into mind.

As The Quackroom nears its 100th post, allow me then to step back for a while and ponder upon this blog, its "journey"; and where it sets to go from here, considering that only a few days ago, I was questioning myself about this blog, the reasons why I started to blog and why should I (or should I not) continue doing so (--- Should I really continue?; should I not?); the expectations (or the lack of the same) that I brought along into the blogosphere and the joys and frustrations that eventually tag along with them, the so-called "blogging community" (is there really such a thing?, I remember one of my friends asking me, or only for a few who by some means or status, inherent or acquired, found their way into an elite group of bloggers that is sensitive and supportive to its kind and grossly indifferent to the rest of the emerging "community"?) and its real meaning to me (which prompted me to fervently seek definitions about "community" in the internet, in books, and deep inside me); The Quackroom's impact ( if there's any or none, so therefore TQ becomes some sort of a waste of internet space or whatever it is more aptly called) to my readers (kung meron man, aside from the ones being revealed to me, although rather loosely and roughly, by my statcounter these days which I, while in the mood of trying out something new, set up just recently); and how it can ultimately contribute to the betterment of this world (alright, I know, I am getting carried away already. Let it be) or at least to my own development as a person or to that of my immediate communities, and many other things...

Lights out.

The Quackroom closes its doors. And windows. Chill and be blest.

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