Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not Born Yesterday

I think some people forget that some people were not born yesterday. Some people learned from school; but there are people who learned from life. Better still, there are people who learned from both.

Why the need for some insult or misguidance just because you want him/her out of a particular scene?


Or maybe I am just being over-sensitive. I hope so too.

(Update/reflection after some introspection and prayers - just arrived from the mass in Basilica; should you wish, you can read my latest post: The culprits: Oversensitivity which may have been caused by SO MUCH stress, my idea that maybe I needed some break (God knows how much I need it though I know) and so I took the opportunity to unwind a little last night, some of those "Itaas Mo" and "Walang Katulad moments" if you know what I mean, and weak tolerance for the latter - that had been further weakened by the second culprit. My apologies to all those whom I may have inconvenient by this post and my kakulitan last night. I was planning to delete this post; but decided otherwise. Let it be. We learn and grow from facing our shortcomings and doing something to correct them, not from making them appear that they simply disappeared into thin air and forcing ourselves to believe that they are really gone.)
(Update/reflection number two - Sabi ni Cielo at ng iba ko pang kasama last night, nothing to apologize naman daw - as far as the kakulitan part is concerned. Haay, salamat 'kala ko talaga makulit na ako! Cielo also said that its good daw that at least I was able to unwind. It's good daw na nakasigaw ako. Sila daw nakaiyak naman. Teka...pero good for you also Ciels.
Anyway, salamat sa True Faith, one of my all-time favorite Pinoy bands, sa magaganda at nakakarelax na awitin at sa matagumpay na pag-pump up ng crowd at pagpapasigaw sa amin ng "Viva", "Wooohh", "Cheers", at "Mooooorrrrre" - at kapalit nito ay isang magandang performance at ilang dagdag na songs pa. Salamat, syemps, sa lahat ng mga naka-sound-trip at naka-jam ko tulad na lang halimbawa nina Kass, Marfie, at Meeno , ang tropang BEAT FM, si Gary Martin at Al Ubana ng RMN (Radio Mindanao Network), ang SMB boys sa pangunguna siyempre ni Glenn Yuboco, pare congrats ulit ha - at sa lahat ng dumating dito sa Avenue Square. Si Deejay ng Humanshredder andito din kagabi, mabalos Bes. Sa susunod na post, kwento ako tungkol dun sa iba pang events namin this September. Happy Fiesta sa gabos!)

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