Friday, October 19, 2007

Glorietta Blast: Images that we will never forget (updated)

This is the Glorietta we always love and certainly won't forget -- during ordinary, usually happy days. Oh, how Filipinos love to go malling! And see those many happy kids? The central lobby/atrium of Glorietta is very popular with children because there they can eat, play, and even romp to the hilt. We were like them before. Come to think of it, we remain to be them. Only soulless people could ever do something to harm those unsuspecting people, much more those little children.

This is the part of Glorietta after the blast this afternoon.

Photos of the interior of the mall are uglier - as shown in the television news.

Video credit: ianmullen and dutchedpinay1
Photo credit: CNN website and the Disney Cute Land where you can see more pictures and details (The author is an actual eyewitness/survivor).

Update: Number of casualties, that include the dead and the wounded, has already reached 100.

Update # 2: --List of dead and injured here.

--Ayala Land statement as of 5:23 PM here.

-- and the president's statement here.

-- Meantime, PNP, AFP on red alert in Metro Manila; Makati hospitals received bomb threats! And at around 9:00 PM tonight, search and rescue operations at the mall ended.

--- A blogger-cum-Ayala Land employee argues that it is not as bad as the media depicts it is here.

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