Sunday, December 23, 2007


You can accuse me of being romantic to a fault after reading this but be it as it may. You see I believe in leadership and allegiance to one which I trust to be all worthy and solid. Economic needs may govern and guide our actions for some time, especially in these days of insatiable greed and materialism, but not everyday. There are still people who would like to believe that there are far more important things than those that can only give us some bubble-like sense of security, alliance, and happiness. Sincere people are not hard to find I must say, but the number of those who would welcome them - and keep them - with what that is due them has been, I am afraid, getting scarcer each time and so it seems. For me, that is most tragic.

Too bad, many times we turn away from a spark a little too soon, perhaps second-guessing that it will never become a full-blown fire and we will never become alone, empty, and cold.

The beacons are lit.

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TIMCAP said...

a great person like you Donald will make it anywhere.. success is written all over you.

Come seize the day. The buffet of great opportunities have been laid out ..