Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Art of Sustainable Business and Development

One good news that greets me this morning is that Wallstreet has fought back after being down on its opening although stocks worldwide still plunged as reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and other newspapers around the world. However, a site that I accidentally made to pop out reminds me that a bigger concern could just be aggravating right now before our very eyes but we just refuse to recognize it. And that is environmental degradation. In fact it is one of the "Ten Threats" officially recognized by the High Level Threat Panel of the United Nations, together with Poverty, Infectious Disease, Inter-State War, Civil war, Genocide, Other Atrocities (e.g., trade in women and children for sexual slavery, or kidnapping for body parts), Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Terrorism, and Transnational Organized Crime.

Let me share, just to vent, before, development workers and scholars could argue that there are necessary evils that we have to swallow just to usher in development in societies around the world. One of which is the deterioration of the environment. And so we thought that development is just about modernization and making money at all costs. Nowadays, that line of thinking does not hold water anymore. In the long and rich history of this world, we have understood that balance is paramount in everything that we do and everything that we have around us. That's the reason why sustainability has been one of our most favorite buzz words nowadays. And forward-looking people do not just speak of it and its principles but apply them, or actualize them if you may, in their endeavors and businesses. We now think long-term. But why not? This is the only world we've got. Sounds cliche? May be, but what the heck, that's just the truth! And this world is NOT JUST OURS. Lest we forget, there are other generations of human beings who will inherent this world from us, future generations that include our children and our children's children.

Can't we be a little more responsible and a little less greedy, even for our own descendants?

Let's ponder on this. Good day folks!

Btw, here's the website. Turn on your sound. It'll be better.

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