Monday, September 28, 2009


In behalf of the hapless victims of Typhoon Ketsana, locally named "Ondoy", I would like to sincerely ask for your benevolence and sense of humanity. In these darkest hours, we hope for heroes who will appear on the horizon to share the light to those who were less fortunate than them. In this time of distress, we pray for individuals or groups of individuals who could look beyond themselves and offer their innate compassion and goodness to alleviate the deep sorrow and pain being felt by our brothers and sisters right now - our fellow Filipinos, our fellow human beings.

Quiapo underpass

Up until today, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos were affected by the flash floods caused by a record rainfall worse than that carried by Hurricane Katrina in the US. A lot of them lost everything underneath the murky and deadly water that invaded the capital last Sept 26. Hundreds of people have already been confirmed dead and countless still declared missing. Thousands more are still stranded inside or on top of the roofs of their submerged houses and rescuers find it uneasy to locate them due to the mounds of garbage and debris blocking the roads. Making matters more difficult are the cars, trucks, and other vehicles that were swept, overturned, and piled on top of each other by the raging flood water at the height of the typhoon. These people have not eaten or drank good water for days now and with them, are little children and even babies who by now are already really weakened and famished. Back here, many people have already been mobilized and/or have taken the initiative to conduct their own relief operations; and out of desperation or awe-inspiring altruism, have even launched their own rescue attempts using their own trucks, boats, and other things that may be used to help save people, albeit risking their own limbs and lives.

Wilson street, Greenhills, San Juan

But alas, we could only do so much. We need HELP. We cry for help NOW. We pray for reinforcement to come while many more LIVES CAN STILL BE SAVED and the situation can be improved BEFORE IT GETS EVEN WORSE.


To my fellow Bicolanos, remember the time when we were hit hard by Supertyphoon Durian or 'Reming', our compatriots from Manila came to our rescue, like when this came. Now, it's our chance to do the same to them.

To our fellow Filipinos abroad, please help the MOTHERLAND! And perhaps, be able to share your many blessings to those who would trade anything now for a drop of clean water and a bottle of milk; a bite of a hot pandesal or a sip of noodle soup; and the warmth of the oldest blankets or worn-out clothes.

Please HELP OUR KABABAYANS. I wish to appeal to your Bayanihan Spirit that I know is still there somewhere deep inside your hearts. Please seek it now and have it lit...

Hereunder are some more pictures shared by people online:

Taft Avenue

Quiapo underpass

Little Baguio, San Juan City

Near Rustan's, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City

Underpass along Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Here are some videos uploaded by our Kababayans:

In this video, you will see cars being swept from one side to another and then, later you will see a woman climbing out of her SUV...

In this video, you will see a dozen helpless people, who appeared to be mostly minors, perched on top of a floating roof being swept away by the rampaging suburban Marikina river. In a heart-wretching moment, you will see that after passing under the bridge, there were already less people on the debris despite the desperate attempt of the other people who were there to rescue them. The next day, a number of bodies of children were found under the bridge...

Follow me here for more details or post comments here for your questions and suggestions. Also, please share if you or your group have already done something so that I could share it with everyone here. Such good news will surely bring smile, inspire, and strengthen more people here, esp the volunteers and the victims. Thank you!
**Photos credits: My favorite newspaper, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, and many other blogs online especially that of the great blogger, Manolo Quezon. You may also visit his blog for details about how you can help.

UPDATE: The September 28, 2009 episode of TV Patrol was one of the most intense and heart-wretching episodes the nation has ever seen. All over the internet, Filipinos here and abroad expressed their deepest sadness and even great shock via twitter, facebook, and other platforms while they watched that episode. Some of them even said that they were fighting back emotions or in actual tears at the sight of what happened to our hapless kababayans in the aftermath of Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy). The next day, people were still talking about what were shown on the said episode. Hereunder are some parts of that particular newscast.

Again, I hope you can help. Salamat at mabuhay po kayo!

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