Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Poem for Bicol (from Tim Capellan)

My sincere gratitude goes to Mr. Tim Capellan, a kindred spirit, for this beautiful poem he sent to me for all of us here in Bicol via my friendster account.

I am sending you this poem that I wrote in 2001. I feel that it is very relevant now as you are experiencing one of the most difficult situations in Bicol


It is when we see the light that the woes of this world become bearable.

It is when we never stop from believing in human spirit, of hoping and weaving dreams that we will always emerge victorious, though sometimes wounded.

It is when we see the light that the pains in our heart become endurable.

It is when we continuously swim in the murky waters, full of hurdles and questions that mold us to become stronger and dauntless to face life's battles.

It is when we see the light that we start weaving our dreams even if sometimes we are in the verge of surrendering

It is when you see the light that you will once again start from hoping, and face every morning with renewed hope and energy

It is when we realize that everyone is imbued with a great spirit to soar and declare once more ... I will overcome.

thru his own friendster account

Mr. Tim Capellan, a management and marketing guru, is the managing director of Manila-based InAsia Management + Consultancy firm.

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