Thursday, January 11, 2007

Avenue Square

It does feel great that Avenue Square, Bicol's first and premier lifestyle center, has been attracting more and more people - beautiful people at that! - everyday and every single night. It is always a joy to see a lot of these smart and good-looking people going here and there; dining at Max's, Wok, Shakey's, Little A. Sia, or Peaberry; relaxing under the royal palm trees at its Al Fresco dining area; pampering themselves at David's Salon or Skinsystems; enjoying the company of colleagues, friends, and kins; relishing achievements and victories; sipping coffee at The Coffee Beanery or feasting on some non-fat ice cream from Arce Dairy; partying or just chilling-out at Lolo's Bar; delighting in their new pairs of Havaianas signature flip-flops; contemplating (may be conceptualizing the next big business idea, coming up with a most important personal decision, or the next surefire corporate strategy!); browsing through the internet (via our free wi-fi internet access) or perhaps, blogging, like what Willy Prilles, one of my most fave bloggers in the blogosphere and one of the country's premier bloggers, does here (and who by the way believes that "hands down, Avenue has, in less than a year, become the place to be in Naga" -- thanks "Senator" Willy! =>) or simply, spending their time casually and living the good life in style here at Avenue Square. After almost a year of really working hard to promote the place to our target market, it's encouraging and fulfilling to see more and more people of that market finding their way here.

This weekend, a consultant will be coming over from Manila to facilitate our strategic planning for 2007. We weren't able to conduct one last year because we were just sooo busy with a lot of events that I strongly believe have hugely contributed to the success of this place today. Those were events that did not only bring in the crowd last year (so that the crowd could have a "taste" and sample of what the place could offer to its guests) but more importantly, promote, affirm, and support Avenue Square's "positioning" in the market.

"Positioning" in marketing, as some of us know already, is the "aggregate perception the market has of a particular company, product or service in relation to their perceptions of the competitors in the same category". It is also "where one's product or service fits into the marketplace."

Simply put, it is a perceptual location and image in the minds of our desired clients. It is how our target market see us in their minds which greatly affects how they decide on their purchases and patronage of a certain product, brand, or organization. But this deserves a separate post and a more thorough discussion.

Going back, I am confident that Avenue Square will reach more milestones this year, provided that it keeps its focus and maintains its enlightened strategic actions.

Besides, what for that G7Holdings,Inc., its developer, has invested a lot on this ambitious and trendsetting project and people like us in the management/marketing team have been really working doubly hard each time if we will not eventually see Avenue Square on where it was really envisioned to be at in the future.

And that is to be the lifestyle center of choice of Bicolanos/Bicolanas and our guests here in the region and to be that enduringly spanking, clean, and comfortable place that offers that really refreshing, unique, and exciting tenant mix and amenities, most convenient and memorable experience, outstanding professional and responsive service, and exceptionally compelling and innovative programs and events for the pleasure and satisfaction of the most discriminating of the cosmopolitan consumers of Naga City and the region who crave for for the highest quality and the finest specialty dining, shopping, and overall lifestyle experience that is also chic, remarkable, and truly worthwhile.

(Photos from the top: Avenue Square moments before The Coffee Beanery's Grand Opening celebration and superb violinist Jay Cayuca's concert; alluring and multi-talented Bossa Nova princess Sitti at the Avenue Nights: Primero concert; Avenue Square at summertime already packed with people for Primero; FHM models at one of the shows during Awesome September that also featured Bicol's biggest trans show, the Ms. Bicolandia Pageant, a Brownman Revival concert, and a Parokya ni Edgar gig; our very recent celebrity guests Echo and Heart after the Paglaom Alliance benefit concert with the author and secretary general of Paglaom Alliance at Peaberry Fine Cuisine restaurant; and the Ateneo Golden Knights celebrating a championship run in a huge basketball tournament here in Naga at Little A. Sia asian flavors and grill resto--> congrats "coach of the year" Nols!. See more photos of events at Avenue Square here)

PS -- We are excited about our Saturdays here at Avenue Square this January because we are giving way to some fresh but great talents to provide the music as you dine, wine, and unwind at our Al Fresco area. Last Saturday, we had an up-and-coming Bossa Nova group who calls itself "Slice" (They might return for another performance on one of the remaining Saturdays with their new "bossanized" reggae repertoire - which they promised- and other old favorites). This Saturday, we shall have an accoustic-cum-classical group led by Moi (sometimes dubbed as the "Andrea Bocelli of Naga City").

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