Saturday, September 22, 2007

Philippine Daily Inquirer reports about Avenue Square

After all the hardwork, the perseverance, and the commitment to always make things better based on our positioning, is there any other sweeter thing than the affirmation that comes from other people, much more independent and reputable individuals and institutions like the multi-awarded City Goverment of Naga under Mayor Jesse M. Robredo, the Bicol Mail, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer?

Here is the PDI report.

Bicol Mail's version here.

Given above, May I just take this opportunity on behalf of Avenue Square to say:


Thank you to all especially to those who spoke in the report; to Mr. Juan Escandor Jr. for taking interest on us and writing about us; and of course, to BM and PDI! Thank you also to our beloved "Avenuers" (Avenue Goers) because we could have not done it without your support and patronage. Above all, thanks God for whose Greater Glory here on Earth we ultimately dedicate whatever success we are enjoying right now and we aim to achieve in the future.


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