Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Generalist to specialist

That's the transition that I am going through right now. Definitely, it's not a walk in the park, ika nga, but I have always been more of the one who welcomes change. Reinvention is always better than complacency, stagnancy or mediocrity.

Although change has its price tag which one has to pay to successfully traverse through it, it also comes with tremendous benefits. But change is no fluke, it should be carefully planned, meticulously managed, and tenaciously pursued to attain the desired results.

I remember an old saying about this and it goes: "Don't be afraid when you see yourself moving slow; be very afraid when you find yourself standing still".

Consistency and focus, at this point, enter the ballgame.

How about the need for speed? Depends. Depends. Admittedly, it pays to be fast sometimes, but just how many times Steady Eddie the tortoise have scored an upset against the inconsistent hares of this world? Hmm, I digress.

I am not preaching here by the way - I am just talking to myself.

Time now to take some more baby steps.

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