Monday, December 10, 2007

"Return of the Comeback"

Oh well what can I say? Just how long have I been away? I did not bother to peruse. But I know it's long. May be a little too long for Deejay that I got from her perhaps the shortest yet the most emphatic message ever to pop out in this domain - and that was "POST!!!". Yes, that came with three, not just one, exclamation marks!

Just a word. But heck, what a word! It's like Nike's Just Do It in bloggers' parlance.

And so, here I am now pounding on the keyboard; breaking the silence; and trudging on. I was supposed to blog yesterday because yesterday was my very special day, and a few days before that was that of this blog. I am big at these things you know. But as Murphy's Law would have it, something cropped up and my chance vanished like a bubble that floats and eventually bursts out in the air or like the candle light that fades out after the much highlighted blow during my own wonder years.

At any rate, I return to blogging today. A lot of things happened during those weeks that I was out. A lot of things moved. And a lot more are on the verge of some changeover of sorts. One of those is this blog - and the blogger behind it.

Merry Christmas to everyone and Belated Happy Birthday to The Quackroom!

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