Saturday, December 29, 2007

Move over Lea, Lani, and Regine, here comes Charice Pempengco

I was supposed to blog about something less pleasant, but I changed my mind - at least for the meantime. Instead, let me just focus and blog about something really good, refreshing, and heartwarming for many of us in this, well, already bad-news-stricken nation. And as the title goes, it is all about Charice Pempengco, the latest Filipina that has been taking the entire world's breath away with her exceptional and hair-raising talent. For me, even if we take away her being a Filipina, I am still going to rave about her just because she has really blown me away and made me spring from my seat with delight and admiration. And she achieves that NOT JUST for being a great singer, but for being an awesome and charismatic young performer on the rise. You see, there are a lot of singers out there, many really good ones in fact who can hit those high notes just like this girl, but only a handful have that special gift of being able to really reach out to his or her audience, touch their souls, and warm their hearts to the point of throwing open floodgates of emotions that crash and run over you in a heartbeat or a drop of tear.

That's charisma for you. That certain magnetism and charm that can effortlessly shake a sluggish emotion to its full awakening, move one to action, and draw people towards the charismatic one and whatever direction he or she decides to go. And since charisma can not stand alone to be really earthshaking, one should back this up with genuine talent, competencies, and/or greatness in attitude, principles, style, etcetera, to be acknowledged as a "complete package". Some may argue that Charice is not yet there, but I believe she is well on her way. And seeing this pretty 14-year old girl sing with all the feelings, power, and passion that are unbelievably in perfect harmony with one another and with the song since her Little Big Star days, I can not be blamed if I would always wonder just from where does this girl unsheathe all those emotions; while holding off my jaw from completely dropping to the ground.

This reminds me of a similar post regarding another emotion-shattering performer here, but for heaven's sake, we are talking of someone just in her early teens! Imagine what she would be like a few years from now. So forgive me if you find the title of this blog trite and funny, but it actually alludes to an unforgettable title of another article found in the book I gave to a colleague during his birthday. Allow me to digress for awhile but let me just share, the said title says, "Move over NiƱo, here comes Sheryl Cruz". It drew the heartiest laugh and the biggest smile from this associate of mine that night when I showed it to him after forcing him to open my gift right there and then. He even blogs about that here. Therefore, "in honor" of that said title, I decided to borrow the line from it for this particular post.

Anyhow, going back, some of us may find the title of this post frivolous, but make no mistake about it, this could turn out to be the most straightforward, correct phrase to encapsulate and describe the possible future of this young Pinay. Mark my word, this diminutive songbird is a real deal in the making. She has what it takes to step up from being a "little big star" to a true big star in the coming days. So move over Lea, Lani, and Regine, here's our next international Filipina singing sensation;

Charice, at 9 years old, already singing like a pro:

Then, Charice here, at 12, topping countless wannabes with her rendition of a Whitney Houston classic that won for her a Swedish recording contract after producers saw this video in Youtube:

Then, the youtube video that catapulted her to international 'stardom' and probably brought more Koreans into the country:

(By the way, don't you think the subtitle is as sensational as well? Hmm.. =P)

Here, the face-off with another young diva which I believe is a rout in favor of Pempengco:

Then, the American media debut:

Next, Ellen Degeneres took notice and sent a rare, urgent call or panawagan for her and for anyone who can "bring her in":

And finally, Charice was found, whisked to the States, and able to electrify and wow Degeneres like the rest of the waking and dreaming world, watch:

Bravo! Bravo! Galing!

Mabuhay ka Charice!

Continue to make us proud and sana'y ganap kang maging magandang halimbawa at inspirasyon sa maraming kabataan ngayon!

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