Sunday, December 30, 2007

Avenue Plaza Hotel in full blast

Before I retire, I just want to say that the Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga City is already in full blast. You see I noticed that much of the traffic of this blog the past days was brought about by the heightened interest of some people about the said hotel. By googling it, these people were led to this blog.

Anyway, allow me to share also that a few weeks ago I went back there in Naga City and stayed in the hotel for three nights and four days with the invitation of Mr. Allan Cu, president of G7Holdings the developer of the hotel and Ms. Gwen Cu, the managing director of Avenue Square. I must say the hotel is really a cut-above-the-rest. Rooms are indeed fine and first-rate. And the bed is really, really nice. The service is superb too! I even told myself that I found another secret of a really good night, albeit short, sleep and that is a very good bed and pillows that seem to hug you in the most comfortable way. Bicol's first world-class and three-story gym that is attached to the hotel is also already up and operational now.

Go, experience them yourself if you are in doubt of what I just said.

At any rate, it is really good for Naga City and the entire Camarines Sur that we finally have a four-star hotel that we can all recommend, without hesitation at that, to our guests, friends, and family members especially those coming over from other places every time they need a place to stay while in the locality. Now the tourism industry is also booming, apart from real estate which I am now in, an inventory of good hotels is a prerequisite for a certain city or province to be competitive in terms of attracting tourists and events that will, in turn, bring in many people from all over the country and even from other countries - and in the process, cashing in from this industry boom.

A few weeks ago, I chanced upon Mr. Frank Mendoza of the Office of the City Mayor in Glorietta 4 and we had a chat. In the course of our discussion, he told me about the city government's efforts to bring in more events to the city so that a reawakening hotel industry that we are seeing in the city nowadays could be supported and sustained for the long-term progress of our local economy in Naga and in Camarines Sur. It was good to hear that, and I pray that all initiatives coming from different fronts, not just from the private and public sector, be well coordinated and strategically integrated or harmonized to bring about genuine synergy for development through tourism. I also hope that the relationship between the city government and the provincial government becomes better so that the two could finally work together and achieve more gains and positive results. As the new slogan of G7Bank goes, "Together, we're better", the two government units can potentially become the tag team to beat in the entire country when the said wish comes true. Imagine, the accomplished Robredo-led Naga City team working together with the promising Lray Villafuerte-led CamSur group, both progressive-thinking, for the benefit of the entire province. It could have been a great thing for many Bicolanos, could it not? But until that time comes, we work and dream and work again.

Good night.

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