Friday, January 11, 2008

Latest Official Statement of Ayala Land on G2 Blast

Jan. 10: ALI Official Press Statement on G2 Blast

The PNP has released their findings indicating that the tragic event last October 19 at the Glorietta 2 Mall was caused by a gas explosion resulting from negligence. We view this with deep concern. Our own assessment shows due diligence and care was exercised in the maintenance of the basement where the explosion appears to have occurred. Moreover, we believe that conditions in the basement could not have resulted in the build up of methane and diesel vapor required for such a powerful blast.

We requested the PNP to be open to investigating all other possibilities. It will be recalled that the PNP has said that it would welcome cooperation from all sectors. Within this spirit of cooperation, we have shared lab results from foreign forensic experts we had consulted that indicate that traces of explosives were present at the site. While we acknowledge the authority of the PNP and the multi-agency task force as the official investigating body, we are disappointed that the evidence we have shared appears not to have been considered.

At this point we await the turn-over of the site to us, so we can complete our own assessment of what happened on October 19. Ayala Land will submit its forensic evidence before the proper forum. It will be the courts that will be the final arbiter on the admissibility of such evidence and whether or not negligence led to the tragic events of October 19.

Ayala Land has always adhered to strong core values of corporate responsibility and integrity. We believe that we have always done what is right for our customers and business partners.

The tragic incident at Glorietta 2 has caused us deep sadness and we will continue to extend care and assistance to the victims and their families, as well as to our affected merchant partners. We want to express our appreciation and gratitude to all those who have extended their help and support, and to the many people from various sectors who have expressed their solidarity and sympathy with us during this difficult time.

For any inquiries or schedules with our official spokesman Alfie Reyes, please contact :

c/o Zarah Gulapa

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