Saturday, January 12, 2008

Now this woke me up!

Imagine: The Transformers landed in the Philippines instead; this is what we'll get:

And this last fan video, entitled "Transformer 2 Casting Call", was made by someone from the United Kingdom, watch for the last robot!

Hahaha! But come to think of it, with a lot of these animators who create these animated films in Hollywood and elsewhere are Filipinos, the above are certainly not out of the question, bako? Kung animation lang naman, eh kayang-kaya natin - you can even ask the people from the Ateneo de Naga University Digital Arts and Computer Animation department.

Anyway, that certainly amuses and pumps me up. So, good morning everyone!

Go NOYPI! Transform and roll out!

Or in Irvin's words, Pilipinas umasenso ka! :)

By the way, what's your favorite "Transportmer" or "Pinoy Transformer" there? Defend your answer. Irvs you first. :)

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