Saturday, October 20, 2007

Glorietta 2 Blast: Official Statement from the Ayala Group


At around 1:30 pm, there was an explosion which, from preliminary
investigations conducted by the PNP, seems to have originated outside
of Glorietta 2. As of this bulletin (4:30 pm), police authorities are
still confirming the nature and cause of the explosion. Both the
Glorietta 2 atrium and delivery bay were damaged by the explosion.

Initial reports indicate 45 injured persons were brought to Makati
Medical Center, 25 injured to Ospital ng Makati. There are confirmed 8
deaths. Those injured are currently being given utmost care and proper
medical treatment.

The areas are now being secured and surveyed to ensure the buildings'
structural integrity and safety. Normal operations will resume as soon
as the necessary security and safety clearances from concerned
agencies are given.

Jim Ayala, President of Ayala Land issued the following statement: "We
are extremely saddened by this incident. We would like to assure the
public that we are taking all possible measures to ensure that all
affected by this incident will be attended to with maximum care."

For any further questions, please refer to the following Ayala Land personnel:

For all media inquiries: Alfie Reyes, Corporate Spokesman – 0917-807-7296
Jan Bengzon, Head, External Affairs
– 0917-840-5552

For all tenant inquiries: Myrna Fernandez, Ayala Malls Group – 0917-839-8095
Pam Perez, Ayala Malls Group – 0917-881-1009

This email was sent to our yahoogroup, the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance's, by Ayala Foundation's Sol Delantar, AYLC alumna and now program manager of the congress. It was only tonight that I was able to read it but it reached my inbox Addon the fateful day itself, yesterday Friday, October 19, 2007 6:21:10 PM. It goes to show that the Ayala Group has been very responsible, sensitive, and proactive in handling this crisis. Fernando Zobel even made a personal visit to the site just a few hours after the bombing. I believe this group will never turn away from their responsibilities - and in fact, will even go an extra mile for the victims and all those affected by this incident. Let's also pray for them and all those who have been working since yesterday just to be able to extend necessary assistance to the victims, solve this case, bring the perpetrators to justice, and ensure our safety/security and that of the entire country.

Lest we forget however, let's keep in mind that there has also been a similar bombing incident in Pakistan that killed 120 people just recently.

Let's also pray for all the victims there.

Goodnight everyone. And be safe...

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